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REAL STEPS  is a community outreach of Christchurch North Elim Church.  We desire to support our community by strengthening families and individuals through our courses, which are designed to foster self-awareness and in doing so, encourage greater choice in life.


We have a choice to choose how to be.
Why is REAL STEPS  so unique?  It is the content of the material presented and the way we train our facilitators to present the material – all with a unique down-to-earth NZ flavour.

We provide professional and affordable life skills programmes and courses in a safe and caring environment with specifically trained facilitators.



ESSENTIAL Life Skills Programmes and Courses (copyright)


Your Choices
Let's talk about the tough stuff and work through some of those deeper issues of like. Your Choices is our 15 week foundational programme. It is a comprehensive educational and personal growth programme discussing the key issues around trauma neglect and dysfunction etc.

We run separate men's and women's programmes with night and day programmes offered. This course has run successfully in Auckland, Nelson and Blenheim for the past 20 years.

Our purpose is to get alongside you and help you break through old cycles and ways of thinking to find hope, understanding, freedom and restoration.

Like the waves on a beach, emotional eating can eat away at us and control our lives. Catch a new wave of freedom and a new wave of choice.
Please note that we do not provide a diet plan and this is not a weight loss programme, however together we can learn about who we are and why we do what we do. This programme is presented in two blocks of eight weeks.

 High Wire
Do you have positive self-care, time and management skills? In this eight week workshop we encourage inclusive discussions on stress management around key issues whole gaining experience in an informal, relaxed learning environment.

Boundaries are essentially about 'limits' and suggests ownership-they define where we begin and end. Over seven weeks we will look at the issues of establishing personal boundaries and explore common stumbling blocks, some reactions you may encounter and the process to change.

 Break Out
Fear and anxiety, where does it come from? What are some of the patterns we develop and the traps we fall into: These are some of the questions we discuss in this six week course as well as looking at changing our belief system, finding our true identity and breaking out into

Anger is a natural emotion yet can cause us and others a great distress. Throughout the eight weeks we will assist you to recognise, understand, consider and manage your anger in a positive and constructive way and help put together an individually tailored anger management plan.

Healthy communication in a relationship is important and learning how to address and resolve conflict can be challenging. Therefore we have designed an interactive eight week course so couples can explore ways on how to communicate and listen to one another effectively.

There are simple tools, practical solutions and common sense problem solving in this six week course. We will encourage you to put in place a simple money management plan and give you options on how to make choices to change your current money management strategies.

 Turn Around
Shame and guilt can take us down an old worn path however if we address these issues, we can use them as stepping stones. We will help you gain fresh perspective with hope and a new sense of self-appreciation. Over six weeks we can assist you to make tangible positive changes in
your self-esteem and outlook on life.