Our vision is to grow a vibrant Christian Church that cares for and encourages people to serve Jesus Christ, minister to those in need and positively influence our community, our nation and our world!

As a Leadership Team, we want to see people lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit, trained and active in the use of their God given gifts, talents and abilities.  We love the presence of God, enjoy Him in our meetings and invite you to come and join us, you will be blessed.



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Encounter Night

18th March, 2018

It is hard to find new words to describe the awesome and precious sense of His presence. Everyone has a different experience, yet all can enter in; each one of us is responsible to find Him, to knock, to ask, to seek. Each one of us has things to do and places to go in Him; yet none of us can minister from what we have! We have to ‘receive’ what we want to impart, whether it’s the river, the fire, the anointing, the oil, or the wind.

The word tells us out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water. We must stop to consider, ‘how it get there’ and ‘that we must receive it to give it’. And God, and God gives it; gives us all we need and more. Let’s pray that the lord increases our capacity to receive, so that He would then increase our capacity to give and impart; and live and move in His mighty presence. I say go for it all!

Pray for it all; the rain and the river, the wave and the flood. For the fire that refines, consumes and ignites. For the wind blows away the dust and dirt that lift and carries us. The oil that anoints, imparts, soaks into us; the new and fresh. And the wine that fills us with the joy in His presence. Drink deeply from the well, from the river, from the wave He brings. I say “more & more Lord”.

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