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Encounter Night

29th July, 2018

There have been many prophesies over this church about God moving and even revival, the latest being on Saturday when Hickson Lome, a visiting speaker, prophesied the church will see revival and with it will come healing. We shared that with those attending and also the fact that we have failed in telling others about this. What we have done is basically missed giving God the glory He deserves. We need to do better here!

When the Lords presence fills the room, the air that you breathe, all you can do is stand and drink it in.

I saw a picture of Jesus, standing in the shallows of the river. He gave me a cup of water to drink, and then another and another. How awesome is His presence! One the themes for the night that people were hiding, restricted by these. One of those attending saw a picture of rolled up ball of string, quite messy. As Jesus started to unroll it, pieces of paper attached to the string could be seen; and on those pieces of paper were written assignments for people. There was an assignment for each person; some knowing what their assignment is and others having it revealed as they read the note.

Lastly, there were some words given about trusting the Lord. This is what the Lord said to me while we were praying before the meeting; “Give everything to me, surrender it all. I’ve taken it, don’t take it all back. Trust me!

Trust me to show you,

Trust me to fill you,

Trust me to provide for you,

Trust me to cover you,

Trust me to release you,

Trust me to send you,

Trust me to protect you,

Trust me to fulfil everything I have promised you!”

When you’re feeling down, frustrated, tired, bored or even hurt; this is His message for us all! We all need to be reminded. He’s got it all sorted and all we can say and pray is MORE LORD!

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