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Encounter Night

12th November 2017

….And God ‘mixes it up’ yet again! Our God is a consuming fire, a mighty river & a good dose of His Glory thrown into the mix!!

I personally started the evening feeling pretty sluggish and stale. The moment Stewart & Marilyn started to pray for me, His presence fell and a heavy sense of His glory filled the room! It was awesome! We ministered through the night under that glory and from a series of pictures as the Lord inspired us.

Picture 1: imagine an old coal range burning for a few days and then the ‘scraper’ scraping out the ash that builds up; then the fire sparking back into life as the dampers are opened. This picture was likened to God scraping out yesterdays ash and re-igniting the fire in each of us and blowing on the flame with the wind of His spirit.

Picture 2: standing under a great waterfall so high you couldn’t see the top; sheets / torrents of water falling over us, “Lord, let your glory fall!”

Picture 3: the waterfall hitting the bottom causing a great churning and mist; and as the water hits the ‘fire’, steam was created. Apparently, in the science of water hitting fire the steam produced is 8 times its original volume. We prayed, “Lord, expand us and all we are created to do (x8)!”

Picture 4: the deep pool of water the waterfall creates. As we waded into this pool it was a place for healing, health, relationships, issues, finances, work, and other care and needs. We were encouraged to ‘see’ this ‘need’ as big solid brick and as we carried it into the water, (AKA: the presence of God), it began to dissolve turning into wet sand and washing away. Eventually, nothing was left and for some with an empty hand, the Lord came and took their hand in His. When we turn our ‘needs, cares and burdens’ over to Him, He takes them and transforms them in His presence. “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

This week, let’s walk in the picture of the pool, casting all our cares upon Him for He cares for us! When we encounter Him anything and everything can happen. Let’s rise up in faith and in expectation this week with a fresh cry from our hearts; “More Lord!”

Mary Ponder

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